Certificate in Primary Computer Application

Duration – 24 Hours 

Total Fees – ₹ 2500.00 (STP)

An introductory crash course for starters. For Parents, Teachers, Other Officials etc.

 Content: Introduction to PC, Windows OS, Paint, WordPad, Introduction to MS Word,  Excel, PowerPoint, Basic Internet.

* STP- Single Time Payment


Certificate in Website Development

Duration – 60 Hours (Max)

Total Fees – ₹ 6000.00 (STP)

Content: Introduction to WWW and Internet, Introduction to computer programming, Languages – HTML, C, C++, Java (any two), DBMS – MS Access, My SQL, Oracle(Any one), Web Development platforms, static and dynamic websites, web hosting and domain, payment gateway, project work etc.

* STP- Single Time Payment

Excel Pro

(Couse ends as syllabus covered.)

Duration – 36 Hrs(Max) 

Total Fees – ₹ 4000.00(STP)

Suitable for back office and accounts executives.

Content: Computer fundamentals, Advance Excel, Smart Tricks, Smart Reporting, Internet & Mailing etc.

* STP- Single Time Payment

Pro Typing Assamese

Duration – 24 Hrs(Max)

Total Fees – ₹3000.00 (STP).

You can easily type in Assamese, Hindi and Bengali.

Content: Typing in typemaster for right key-finger placement, Typing in Assamese using familiar software, professional typing with Press DTP software (ramdhenu), Intro to typing in Bengali and Hindi, switching among various keyboard, Project.

* STP- Single Time Payment


MSO Xpert  – (Advance Course in MS Office Package)

Duration – 4-6 Months 

Total Fees -₹5000.00 (STP)

Suitable for back office, front office, sales  & marketing executives.

Content: Computer Fundamentals, Advance working in MS Word, Advance Excel, Attractive Powerpoint presentation, Making content videos with powerpoint, Introduction to MS Access, MS outlook, Introduction to various features of other components in Microsoft Office Package (viz. Publisher, Onenote etc.)

* STP- Single Time Payment